Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes, I Am Still Alive!

I figured it was time to sit down & blog. lol After all when you have more then one person say "Well, I checked your blog and..." or "I figured you were really busy when you haven't updated your blag in...Oh three or four months." that it is time to blog.

Now in all honesty probably half the reason I haven't blogged is because frankly I was lazy, unlike when I lived in the trailer and had a desk with the laptop always open and ready I do not have a desk in the house--four extra book cases, but no desk as of yet.--So it actually takes a thought processes (which for me can sometimes seem to much in my lazy state) of taking out my laptop, waiting for it to boot up, and the start blogging. And then there is that added step of looking for the cord on those way to often times when my laptop is dead.

There you have it one of the many excuses on why I have not blogged...I could come up with an entire post on all the reasons I haven't posted (Fire concern, new tow to play with, dairy products to make, etc.) but I won't, I'll spare the you the details and get on with more import things....

Dixie ("The baby") is now walking & climbing getting into EVERYTHING and giving the Seth a run for his money in the cute department. She loves her cheese & milk and knows where it is made, making the dairy one of the many places she tries to get to when she makes a house break.

The milk supply is never ending (or so it seems) yes, there is a limit but when I think back to the days when we only got a few gallons a day it always make me laugh...There was a time when we didn't know what to do with the milk and now there are times when we feel like we don't have enough.

The verdict is still out on what to do with the car that got hit by a deer...And apparently the verdict is still out on my sanity about hitting the deer. There are two camps of thought...1)Am I crazy for not going back and getting the deer? and 2)Am I crazy for even thinking about going back to get the deer? In the end, when people realized why I didn't go back for it they understand, me? I'm still wishing I could have picked it up.

And the biggest news in my life right now...This Tuesday I will be boarding a plain for my second trip to New York. :D While up there I will be spending a week in Massachusetts at the National American Dairy Goat Show. I can't wait as it's something I've wanted to attend for years.

Now, that's my life wrapped up--neat & tidy? I doubt it--But there it is all for you. Now to make it a goat to post more often the quarterly. lol

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