Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Wondering...

Is there this sign hanging above my head or a look I am giving that says "HELP! Save me quick, from this weird and crazy family!! I need out NOW!!"?

If not what is this Obsessive–compulsiveness that has a good number of people trying to find someone for me? From milk costumers to long time friends, from people my age to those old enough to be my grandparents. I'm getting hints (sublet they may be, they are still there), or even out and out being told that they have the man for me!! Then there's the people who tell me that they have just the person (naming the person) and that it would be one of the best things I ever did if i "grabbed him real quick before he got away". (Great just what I want, to hold on to a guy tight so he won't run away from me! Please!!)

Just to let y'all know, I am happy to wait for God to bring the right man around. Yes, I am human and have had my times of doubting or wondering if I will ever get married, when I might get married, and to whom I might get married to. Do I know the guy? Have we met? etc. Yes, I have those days when I wonder, worry, and fret. Those are the days when I turn to the Lord in prayer and set down to the task that I have been given.

But thanks all for your caring enough to think about me and my future! Thanks for caring enough that you have to make sure the guy is good enough for me or else! I am blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of people who care about me, but could we please wait for God's timing in this matter?


Sarah Chips said...

You know, sometimes God uses those peoples' hinting, suggesting, pointing out, etc. as a way to get two people together. Yes, God's timing is not always our timing. But maybe God's timing and plan is to use a third party who means well to introduce you to the right guy. Just sayin'. ;)

Katarina said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...But sometimes I get one to many hints, suggests, pointing outs, etc. in one day!!

Jonathan H said...

I know the feeling, especially when the 'suggestions' (to put it mildly!) are obvious non-starters.
It is good that you are waiting on God and not trying to make anything happen. I want to find somebody, but God has made it clear His answer is Not Yet.
As a single guy with a couple years on you, I can say from experience that trying to make things happen is worse than living where God has put you for this place in life.