Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet My Family--My Mom

Now that I have more time on my hands, it's time to get back to normal farm life (if there is such a thing as normal farm life). It's also time to get back to normal posting and hopefully in the near future (meaning before the baby is born) I will be able to finish introducing all my current family members. So to continue from where I was...

Meet my mom...My best friend. The lady who gave up her dream of being a midwife to raise us kids. A woman who has spent more time caring, tending, and nurturing us and doing a wonderful job at it.

Yes, my mom is my best friend and yes my mom and I are two peas in a pod. Ask my dad, we both tend talk the same way, think the same way, and even sigh the same way. May sound great but we are both stubborn and hard headed (me being the worst of the two). And that is one of the many reasons that we get along so well. Now come upon us when we don't agree and that's something different.

But I love my mom dearly. She's the one who has spent countless hours teaching us endless amounts of subjects--history (even if some time frames took us three years to get through), math, English (or the best she could with a difficult child), spelling, science, animal husbandry, child care, and the joy of reading and learning. I can remember her spending hours trying to get me to spell correctly and to have my English half way decent. Now she still continues to do so, but she gave up long on the idea of me ever being able to do a blog post without having to call out "How do you spell ____?".

My mom is the one that after one try at fixing something computerized will give a call "Katie, come work your magic on this machine I've HAD it with this machine!!". She's the one who got me hooked on medical shows and has taught me all that I know about midwifery and continues to teach me.

My mom is the one who pushed me to start my business and who still pushes me when I am having low times, am out of creative ideas for my soaps and candles, or just need some help. Even to the point of sitting me down and saying "Katie the very next batch of soap had better be made SOON and it had better be ____!!"

Yes we do tease my mom because there are tons of times when it feels like the goats get more attention then we do....

Kid: "Hey mom I think ____ might be off, but she's acting normal so I would worry to much!" Mom: "What's her temp? How do her eyes, gums, ears, feet, etc look? Has she been eating and drinking? Is she up to date on her hoof trimming, pre/post kidding stuff, does she need some minerals, more alfalfa, how about upping her grain, or should we dry her off?" ect.
Vs. Kid: "Mom I'm not feeling the best." Mom: "Go take some Tylenol and lay down for an hour or two and see if you feel better then."

Yep, that's my mom. Panics when any of the animals even looks off, but knows her kids well enough that for certain ones of us she doesn't really think about if we complain that we are sick and for the others tells us to take a break. Though being her kid and living with her you sometimes feel slighted, esp if you not feeling well. That is until your better and realize how much she knows you and cares for you. :D

My mom is Mrs. Competitive (and yes, dad is Mr. Competitive) never ply a board game with the two of them, and please always be careful in what you challenge them to do (and they wonder where I get my competitiveness from!!).

I would advise you to stay away from her before a goat show and NEVER, EVER get in between her and her goat while one of us is showing it. (She doesn't show, as she doesn't feel comfortable doing so...And for some weird reason she thinks I do!!!) Please don't get her hooked on a new game, TV show, or even face book! As she might spend hours trying to better other people just for the fun of it. And I won't even mention Ebay snipping. lol

That's my mom, friend to many, midwife for others, Aunt for more then just her sibling's kids, Our mom and best friend!!

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