Friday, March 19, 2010

To-Do List

This is the list of things I need to get done before mom and dad get back from taking Grace, Sara, and Linnea to the Orthodontist. :D

  • Take Christin to pick out her new Alpacas (with the youngest six children I might add)
  • Flavor cheese (three flavors this week)
  • Package & label cheese
  • Clean the van
  • Load the van for two markets
  • Get the ice chests cleaned out
  • Double check that the ice bottles are all frozen and/or freezing
  • Keep the kids safe and happy
  • Start dinner--I can't until they get home with the pizza
Who ever said living on the farm was "kind of laid back"? Y'all have a good weekend and hopefully I will be able to come on later this weekend to update life on the farm and work at the Livestock show. :D


Sarah Chips said...

How many pizzas does your family eat? lol I was just reading over your to-do list and that thought struck me. We used to eat 3-4 when we were all together but I know you're family has more kids so I was just curious as to how many you have to make in order to feed the crew. ;))

Anonymous said...

YIKES! please tell me you have started dinner! :D

Katarina said...

Yes I had started dinner, but I've also eaten it and cleaned up from it. (That plus three more lol)

We eat 4-5 a meal, all depending on the amount of work that has been done that day. lol Yes we have more but at this point we have a lot of littles that don't eat more then two pieces each.

Ginger said...

Hi Katarina! I know you have commented on my blog a few times but I'm not sure if I have commented on yours! I wanted to invite you to come over my blog. I am having a BIG series on my three years of blogging! And even having Three giveaways! Come join the fun!!

Sarah Chips said...

Ah, yes. True. Forgot about the "little" factor. Plus, I guess my family consists of mostly boys while you have many more girls and, from my experience, boys tend to eat more anyway. lol

And it's very good to know that you have eaten dinner otherwise I'm sure you would be mighty hungry by now!! ;))