Friday, March 26, 2010


My life is slowly dropping into place after being off the property more then I was on it these past three weeks....

  • My room is finally livable, not 100% clean and organized, but it is livable and I can find things. Hopefully within the next day or two it will be 100% complete. But that all depends on the sister who I am sharing a room with. I guess all I can say is that my stuff will be taken care of and that's all I can do right?
  • I've caught up with all my old e-mails and blog posts. Which amounted close to four hundred things to read and a number to reply to. I didn't think there would be that many, but then I've never really been gone for close to three weeks with only two or three quick chances to get on the computer.
  • I'm getting caught up in washing the laundry, not only mine but the entire family's. Thanks to someone giving us a dryer and Sears finally getting around to fixing the washer I am now able to do close to ten loads a day. It's so nice to watch the dirty laundry pile slowly shrink, while the clean pile slowly grows. If only I had the motivation to fold it and get it put away. (I HATE putting away the laundry!!)
  • My "to read" list is only getting longer now, a sure sign that I am doing more reading. lol (Yeah, I know that sounds backwards.) Now I'm trying to decided if I want to continue in American history or move onto another time frame or another county's history to read. I've always enjoyed reading English history, so I am trying to decided if I want to go that route. Hmmmmm....What should I do???
  • Oh and another way my life is getting back to normal? I'm getting some sleep. :D I've been able to sleep in late twice this week and when I say late I mean late, as in close to 10 in the morning. I've been able to get to bed before midnight most every night and it's been lovely! I firmly believe that not getting enough sleep can do great harm to a person.


Kira said...

WOW! 10 loads of laundry a day?! Here Joseph is laundry and he's getting a amazing total of 1 load a day. What's your secret? We are desperate for clean laundry.


Katarina said...

Ummm....My secrect? Knowing the fact that the laundry won't get washed unless someone does it. And as it's my job this month, that someone is me. Plus I LOVe seeing the dirty pile getting smaller while the clean one grows.

Though my family will tell you that just because I'm great at gather, sorting, washing, drying, and sometimes folding I'm just like Joey--I rarely do it.

Anonymous said...

"Aint that the truth."

Kira said...

Joseph went to go do yard work for somebody yesterday and he paid Carrie-anne 10 cents a load to do the laundry. He left around three and Carrie-anne got 5 loads of laundry done! Leaves me wondering who should be doing the laundry.