Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm still alive!

I've been at Reliant Center more this week then my own house, (I even spent the night Tuesday night with a goat friend!!) Last night when I saw Noah I realized that it was the first time I had seen him since Tuesday afternoon, since when I came home Wednesday night all the youngers were asleep and were still happily snoring away when I left yesterday morning. Boy did I miss them!!

Much to my surprise I learned how to make Espressos, Mochas,Cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks and I have not broken the Espresso maker and people are coming back for more!! It's tons of fun making them, it's almost enough to make me wish I could do this all the time every day! lol

And I get to go to Austin tomorrow with mom!! It's been months since I was able to go (As in back to September since I was able to go) and I can't wait to see this market at it's best, I can't wait! After that it's thrift store shopping and maybe swinging by the Capitol! Promises to be tons of fun!

Now, I am off to help get ready for market and then leave for Reliant center. I hope everyone has a great weekend and that glorious weather!!


Caitlin said...

I know exactly what you mean, I spent three days away from home (with all my siblings but one) and I missed her a lot.


Sarah Chips said...

You spent the night with a goat?!?! haha jk Sounds like you've been one busy bee!

Katarina said...

Wellllll.....Not with the goat, just in the pen two over from them. lol

But it wasn't the goat two over that kept me awake it was the donkey in the kids section (half a block away) that kept waking me up!!