Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Business--The Beggining

We got our first goat in late September of 2004. Nyla and Zelda were the first addition to the farm, and were not in milk at the time. We started goats with the idea to hopefully show them in the spring and have milk for the family. We added one more a month later and were firmly hooked on goats.

Over the next four years we slowly accumulated more goats through the naturally way--you want milk from a goat you breed them in the fall or winter and they kid in the spring giving you babies and milk. The other way was by being addicted to goats, always looking at who has what to sell and when they can improve your herd, you add them.

After two years of goat owning, milking, showing, and enjoyment we started thinking it would be great to one day make it a business more then just selling the kids once a year. At that point it became a "In the future when dad is retired we might have a dairy." thought.

In early 2007 for more than one reason--the main reason being God's timing we started work on the dairy. We went from a three sided loafing shed to a full fledged milk and processing in less then a year.

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