Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday...A Day Of Firsts.

  • First time to go to a game without a family member.
  • First time to go to a baseball game all by myself.
  • First ride on a New York subway
  • First time to go to Yankee Stadium.
  • First time to see the Yankees play.
  • First time to see Lance Berkman in anything other then an Astros' uniform.
  • First American League game to watch live without the Red Sox playing.

And another big thing that wasn't a first, rather a second. For the second time in 12 years I went to a baseball game without my dad. The last time was in 1998 and my mom went with me. But other then that one time dad has ALWAYS gone with me to a game and it felt really odd to not have him with me. (Just in case you didn't know I LOVE my dad and greatly appreciate that he takes the time from his days to spend time with me at ballgames. :D )

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