Thursday, May 21, 2009


All right then so, I haven't had the time to do what I wanted this week to talk about our markets, due to the fact that I am trying to keep up with all our products and get ready for our goat show this coming weekend. So, I am just going to copy and paste a couple articles that talk about us and hopefully in the sometime near future I will be able to do what I had planned to do.


Meet the Swede Farm Dairy goats and taste their delicious varieties of goat's milk

Baby goats from Swede Farm Dairy at Bayou City Farmers Market

This past Saturday at Bayou City Farmers Market, Swede Farm Dairy brought a pair of twin kids from their goat farm. It's "kidding" season at Swede Farm Dairy owned by Tim and LeeAnne Carlson. The Carlsons, along with their eleven children, raise goats and produce delicious goat's milk, yogurt and kefir that is brought to the Saturday morning Bayou City Farmers Market and the Tuesday evening Houston Farmers Market at Rice University. Check out their blog to keep tabs on the new babies being born, and for all the adventures at Swede Farm Dairy. Their website explains how they care for their goats, and how the milk is minimally processed. Their passion and love for what they do is clear when you read about their commitment to their dairy and their family.

In addition to their addictive blog, the Swede Farm Dairy website is a fantastic resource to learn more about the benefits of goat's milk. Goat's milk is often used as an alternative for people who cannot tolerate cow's milk. In addition to several varieties of milk, Swede Farm Dairy also offers yogurt and kefir. Their website also has a link to their hand-made goat's milk products including soaps, candles, lip balms and products for mothers and babies.

This past weekend I picked up a quart of the chocolate goat's milk, and a quart of the vanilla bean yogurt fresh from Swede Farm Dairy. After the initial tasting, the chocolate milk didn't last long. It was a huge hit with my family, especially with my husband who has trouble digesting cow's milk. The goat's milk "chocolate milk" has the flavor of rich dark chocolate without being overly sweet. My family has already requested more when I visit the Bayou City Farmers Market this weekend.

The vanilla bean yogurt was saved for a special dessert Saturday night. We sliced up some fresh market strawberries and poured the yogurt over them. The vanilla bean yogurt lives up to its name, very creamy and full of tiny black specks of vanilla beans. The yogurt lasted a little longer than the chocolate milk, only because I rationed it for the berries. We tried it over blackberries with mango chunks, which made a great dessert, but would also make a great breakfast topped with granola. Vanilla bean yogurt will also be on my list as I visit the Carlson family, and their baby goats this Saturday at the Bayou City Farmers Market.

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