Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on Driving

All right, it's been a week since I got my license. :D I've driven the one mile down the road to our friend, who we bought our fist goats from, I have driven to the Seger's to get some hay, I have driven to three markets, and church, I do believe that is all. :D

At church last Sunday I got a lot of "Well it's about time!", or "Great! Just let me know when you are going to be on the road!” As if you can miss our big blue van! lol (I even have gotten it here on this blog!)

Last night was at first fun, and then turned a little stressful as I headed to market. Chris and I headed out right on time with everything we needed for the market...Ice chests, change box, market box (two in fact) sign, water, and MP3 player! lol

as we get close to Collage Station, I start watching for my exit, I wanted to make sure that I didn't get lost. And what do I end up doing? What else is there for me to do? I take the wrong exit! (At least, that is what I thought at the time.) I circle around, get back on 6 and take the exit that I thought my dad had told me to take. Only to find out when I call mom (and don't ask me why I call her! lol) that the first exit I had taken was in fact the one I wanted and I had already driven by the market TWICE!!

So, we get there with ten minutes to set up. We set up, buy some peaches, and wait. We hand out samples, sell milk, buy more peaches, pack up and leave. :D All in all, there were no problems and it was enjoyable.

We then head to Sweet Eugene’s for coffee (the best in College Station), only to find out that we can't find a parking spot. It wasn't until I called dad and was talking over what I was to do, do I realize why, I happen to be trying to go into the best coffee spot in a collage town during finales, that was a great idea, NOT!

Being the coffeeholic that I am I was desperate for a cup of coffee and I was NOT going to go to Starbucks!! So, I park the car what seems like a block away, go in, get my coffee and Christin's tea and then head to Taco Bell for dinner. As I pull out of Taco Bell mom calls asking me to stop and get some diapers at Wal-mart.

Right before I pull into Wal-Mart, the car did something funny. I can only explain it, as a hiccup. It felt almost like the car hiccupped, it was really weird! At first nothing happened and then it felt as if it wasn't working right and I notice then that I am going 35 and the speedometer has me at O MPH! Oh great!!

So, I go in get the diapers. Go out and start the car. The speedometer is still not working and I can’t put my finger on it, but it just does not seem like the car is working right. I send in an SOS call to mom. After about ten minutes of mom going back and forth between dad (who is a Little league game) and myself, they decide that she is going to drive the blue van out and we will either switch cars or she can call the tow truck.

So, there I am stuck in a Wal-mart parking lot for the next 45 minutes and for the first time in weeks I had left my book bag at home. I saw it as I was walking out the door and thought "I'm not going to need that, I am either going to be selling milk or driving, I might as well leave it here". Sure wish I had brought it with me. I ended up going into Wal-Mart and buying a book that costs more then $5 for the first time an at least a year!

So, Chris and I sit and wait, Chris sleeping and I reading. When mom gets there she drives the green van for a couple of miles. At first it acted up and we thought that we might have to call the tow truck. Then it decided to start working correctly.

We got home around 10 o'clock, where I then crashed, thinking that cars are way too much trouble! But, also looking on the bright side, at least I didn't run out of gas, get a flat tire or end up in a crash. (About ten minutes after I got to market, dad had called telling me to be careful while driving, because he had just driven by an SUV un it's roof and he didn't want that happening to me.)

Now, to see if they will let me out on my own again.

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Abigail said...

Oh dear. I'm convinced that cars have a mind of their own; they know exactly when it's a bad time to break down! :P