Thursday, June 18, 2009


This may sound weird to anyone who lives in a house hold with less than a dozen people, but then that would be nothing new for me to blog about, correct? lol

Today 8 members of our family are off doing a farm day. There are four of my siblings here with me--Sara (15), Emma (11), Liberty (6) and Noah (4). I was left to make sure that plain yogurt got made for Saturday's markets and to sleep in since I was up LATE last night. Sara and Emma were left to get chores done, Liberty and Noah were left to make it easier on those who went, and they were the ones we knew could be left here to play by themselves for hours. :D

It's kind of amazing what you can do with over half the family gone. I got to sleep in late, do a batch of yogurt, laundry, laze around on the computer, read a 320 page book and generally feel lazy.

Now, to go make good use of the rest of the time that the family will be gone. :D Since I expect them back at the earliest in two hours, I had better be hurrying. lol Oh, and I need to put some music on, this quite is starting to get to me!

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