Friday, February 19, 2010

"I Think You Overbooked Yourself"

A parent at one of Tim's little league practice said that to their child a couple days ago and I had to laugh as this kid was 12 years old, but when I listened to what she told her dad she had to do each day it did sound like she had overbooked herself. This brought me a chuckle and then a groan because I thought “I never do that. Oh, wait! I do it ALL the time.”

Yes, me, Katie the oldest of "that large family", worker for "That goat dairy". Is also the Queen of overbooking herself.

And these next six weeks is a prime example of that. Thanks part to myself and my love of baseball and the rodeo and also thanks in part to my dad and his knowledge of what I enjoy doing.

In the next two weeks I will be doing the normal farm stuff. Well as much as one can do when they are on the farm as infrequently as I will be. I will be helping to coach Noah's little league team (thanks Dad!), driving Timothy to his practices when needed, going to market on Saturday and Tuesdays.

And then the first three weeks of March I will be working at the rodeo for five days out of the week, along with helping at the farm in the mornings, doing markets on Saturday, church on Sunday, and whatever else comes across my path to do.

Then little league games start the last Saturday of March, along with the start of another batch of kidding. Something tells me I need to get a day runner and a better sense of time and time management. lol

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