Friday, February 12, 2010

Sports News, What Fun!!

I wait for years for this, no matter where it is, no matter what the date I'm there parked in front of the TV to watch the Nations file in announced in three different languages, while the whole world watches to see who is the best at each sport.

Yes, I am talking about the Winter Olympics, though I do enjoy watching the summer games as well there's just something about the winter games that draws me more than the summer games. I've looked forward to every four years to watch the games since 1998 and the Nagano Olympics.

No, please don't ask me which is my favorite sport I go back and forth between spots. Ask me now and I might say speed skating, ask me in thirty minutes and I will tell you Luge. But then I can't forget Skeleton, Curling, Bobsled, Skiing or Hockey.

On another sports topic, the Astros' pitchers and catchers reported to Florida today to mark the start of Spring Training and we found out in the last two days that Timothy and Noah will both be playing for the Astors in the Waller little league. Noah for T-ball 5 (which dad said he would never do, until he saw Noah the last couple years) and Timothy for the Minors. What fun!! :D


Anonymous said...

Katie, you mis-spelled "Astros"!!! astors?

Katarina said...

So sorry Christin! It was at the end of a long day.