Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet My Family--My Dad

Meet my dad--Tim Carlson Sr.

This is my dad, I do believe that though I have never properly introduced y'all to him I have written a post or two about him and the wonderful things he has done for me or my family. :D But here is a little on him to give you a good idea of who he is and how he has affected my life (besides being my dad), what I mean to say is all the things he's done to help make me the person I am and all the wonderful things he does

This picture was taken a year or so after we moved out to the country; he still had his city job. At that point we were sill in pre-dairy age. Dad would drive 50 miles there and 50 miles back so that we could live in the country and have goats, chickens, bee hives, and a large garden. And all this from "Mr. Do I look like I can live in the country".

Yup, that’s my dad I’m talking about! Not once, not twice, but many, many times over the years that my parents were married and we lived in the city (and that would be the first 19 years of their marriage.) Whenever someone would say that we needed to move to the country for all of the kids, or so we could save on the food bill with a garden and chickens my dad would laugh and say--

"Do I look like I can live in the country? No, sir not me! I'm a city boy through and through, I LOVE living ten minutes from the zoo, museums, Ball Park, and church. I love the city and got here as soon as I could, thank you very much!!"

But then his heart was changed, for a couple of reasons we moved out, since then what we do out here has changed. Including my dad. :D

My dad has gone from "Mr. City" to "Yes, I'm the farmer!". Through it all he has still been a good dad for us.

When we lived in the city he would take me to almost any Astros' game I wanted to go to. All I had to do was name the date and he would somehow come up with the tickets (I think that might have had something to do with the fact that he could get two tickets for $5 lol), if I wanted a book, he'd look for it until he could find it for me, be it from the library or a book store. And then there were those times when I was in need of discipline, he would hand it out to me as well, because I needed it.

This is the person who held me when the Astros' lost in the World Series, telling me that it was O.K. there was always next year we always have a chance the following year I just needed to pray that I didn't end up like him being the fan of a team that went 86 years without winning a World Series (nice guy huh?).

This is my dad, the man who takes time to read to us, give us book ideas, help us to love reading and history. This is My dad, the man who would do anything he could to help us learn more and to grow up and do things that we believe in or want to do, including driving an extra hour a day to allow me work for a campaign. This is the man who stays here and milks the goats with us, so that we can all have a family owned and runned business. The man who shows trusts in us, from allowing us to help him with the dairy to allowing us to work part time jobs that we enjoy by ourselves.

Some people know him has a good friend, some people know him as their bus driver, while others know of him as goat farmer or "That crazy man with a LOT of children". But I know him as my dad, the man who has been there for me whenever I need him, helped me when I wanted or needed it. Someone who backs me up when I need it or who tries to talk sense to me when I not. He's one of God's many gifts to me, and one I am oh so grateful for.