Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Yup last night was the Super Bowl and I milked goats and went to bed.  Unlike Christin who when she watches the Super Bowl watches it for the adds, (if she can get away with that) I watch it for the game as I do sometimes enjoy watching football every once in a while.  This year I didn't really care, we weren't going to anyone's place for a "party", there wasn't a team I cared to watch (I even forget who was going).  I had no real interest in watching and as I had to milk the goats I didn't have an option.

So, I milked the goats, and went to bed very thankful that tonight was super bowl night and by the time I woke up it would be over and we would be one step closer to the start of another baseball season.

Yup, that's how I look at the Super Bowl--Just one more step towards baseball season starting.  We are within weeks of players reporting.  And while some football fans moan about the lack of football and others rejoice over being the Champions, I sit back and enjoy the fact that we are less than a month away from games being played in Florida. 

So for all you football fans, I am not sorry the season is over, I just can't believe that it is!!  There's something to this dairy business, it makes the off season easier to handle.  :D  


Patrick said...

I don't like football at all. However baseball season is coming and I can't wait!!! :)

Katarina said...

Yup, my thoughts exactly. Ten days until Astros' pitchers and catchers report to spring training!! :D