Monday, February 1, 2010

This Year

So, how has everyone's year been so far? Is all going well? Those North of us, are you enjoying your snow?

How are those of us at Swede Farm doing? Well it's been one hectic year (I can't believe we are already in February!!) One thing after another happening to cause it to be very hectic. I believe that more ten one person in our family has been caught muttering "When it rains it pours!” It all started with Mom not feeling well for a week thanks to killer headaches, to the point where I took her market! Thankfully after a week they went away, she thinks it was a combination of a couple things to make it a really bad headache. Then my Grandfather is in the hospital.

Three weeks ago our washer decided that it did not have to start, followed the next day by our dryer deciding to eat our clothes. Thankfully it was nice enough to hang laundry on the line and I now know where all the laundry mats are within thirty minutes of us. :D

The following week our followed by our water heater died on us. Let me tell you, we are a bunch of wimps when it comes to losing the water heater. Three days later our stove finally bit the dust. Talk about trying to plan what to cook and where! lol Dad went out and bought a hot plate that with the turkey roaster, oven, and grill has made for some great meals.

And then yesterday our main monitor died yesterday and the backup gives a red hue to everything. It's been a little weird trying to do computer work, not mention a little creepy as everything from a dog to people are reddish looking.

But through it all we have seen God working to help us live through each trial and to keep us afloat, eating hot meals, wearing clean clothes, keeping mom out of the hospital, etc. This past month has been one trial after another causing us to have a very hectic life, but through it all God has shown us he is in control and he can take care of things and help us!


Anonymous said...

I am NOT enjoying this snow. Believe it or not I don't like cold at all( I think living in Houston for eight years kinda ruined it).

Our year has also been a struggle. If not this it's that, but mostly it the "expected one". (Our parents have a name but they are keeping it a secret so don't tell me if you know it.)

Do you remember when we lived in Houston and our water heater exploded in the garage while we were gone visiting family. :'(

Abigail said...

My goodness, quite a month! Yes, we are enjoying our snow. :D

Katarina said...

Yeah, living on our heat can soil you!

No, I don't know the name, I was wondering wat it was but didn't push it as it was none of m business.

Yes, I remember as I was the one to help dad clean up a little before you got home.

Anonymous said...

She is Due tomorrow so we will have her name soon and I will tell it as soon as I can.

Katarina said...

I can't wait to hear the name and see pictures!!