Friday, August 14, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days where you have a list of things that need to been done but don't have the motivation to do them? Or a list of things you want to do, but just don't feel like getting up and doing them?

Well that is today for me. Its Friday one of our busiest day of the week (tied only with Saturday). And I feel like doing nothing. I slept in--9:30. (I’ll do another post at another date on why I did so). I then stayed in my room and read and now I have wasted time on the computer. And the more I think about it the worse I feel. I should be getting ready for market, pasteurizing milk, loading cars, printing labels, etc. But with each thing I seem to have a good excuse for why I am not doing it or can't do it at this time.

Pasteurizing milk--Dad has to get me some more bottles, which is why he and mom are in Conroe.
Loading cars--I only have one of the three cars that I need to load, currently on the property. I'll just have to wait for them all to get here.
Printing labels--I am waiting for my way to technical printer to calibrate the new ink cartridges that I just put in it.

Now for the other things, I have no excuses other then I am nothing but lazy and don't want to get up and work. Maybe if I type out the list of things I need or want to do I will feel more motivated to get up and do them. :D
  • Print labels
  • Pasteurize milk
  • Freeze water bottles
  • Clean my room
  • Work on the dress I am sewing
  • Read this week's chapter for Sunday school (I am not too keen on reading about pride.)
  • Make sure all ice chest are ready for market
  • Get books ready to return to the library tomorrow
  • Do laundry, as I have fallen woefully behind in it and I think I might find myself in a world of hurt come Saturday or Sunday if no one has any clothes, due to my lack of doing it.
  • Update Swede Farm Naturals' web page. As I have added new scents, would like to change the color on it, and have decided to down size so I have somethings on sale and would like to get that out there for the world ASAP.
There you go my list of what I need, want, or have to do today. And here the day is half gone. I need to get up and going right now. :D

I am off now, because I think seeing that list helped me greatly, because I didn't realize it was that long. :D


Rose said...

Is it still one of those days? ;)

Katarina said...

No, it turned out to be a O.K. day production wise. There were a couple things I didn't get to do, such as work on my dress or my website, but other then that I did do get everything else done that was on my list. :D