Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In our house I am the present person. No, I am not bragging, just trying to make things clear for you. :D

If you need helping figuring out what to buy for someone, ask me. If you want a present wrapped you ask me. If you need help sneaking a present into the house you ask me.

I know what everyone is getting from everyone else for all birthdays and Christmas (except of course my own). I wrap almost every single birthday present and I wrap over 50% of the Christmas presents, during the month of December my room is a mess and no one is permitted in there due to all the wrapping paper and the gifts that are hidden away EVERYWHERE!! (And I have the smallest room in the house so you can imagine what a mess it looks like and is.) And this is the way that it has been been for over 10 years now. In fact my family jokes that if I am not one of Santa's elves then I must be an honoree one. :D

Why? Because I love doing it, we have gift shopping parties during the Christmas season. It's just so much fun shopping for everyone and getting ready to see their faces when they open the gifts, it's almost more fun the receiving gifts. :D

In all of this there have been two things that has amazed not just me, but my older siblings and parents. 1) In the past 21 years I have found what my gifts are only twice! How it has not been more then that we have yet to figure out, maybe it's the fact that I don't go looking for gifts and do my best not to see what they are.

And the second thing, the biggest one for me is that I have not told anyone on purpose or by accident what they were getting. Oh, I might have done the "I know what you are getting for Christmas!! It's a _____" game and everyone knows that what I just said was an out and out lie, but they all love it anyways. (Well, truthfully more often than not it's not an out and out lie, it's a hint. But then the hint is such a good one that they cannot figure out what they are getting.) And honestly how I can keep all of this from everyone I don't know, but I am very thankful that I am able to do it. :D

Well, after I brag about it I have to confess......I failed to keep from Sara what she was getting for her birthday this year. :-S

In my last birthday post I said...."Today Christin is turning 20 and sewing madly, to get a birthday gift for Sara finished. (Now, to keep Sara from reading my blog until after she opens her gifts. lol)"

Honestly, I would never have typed that if I thought Sara would see it. When I typed that she was gone, and didn't get back home until evening chore time, which she went straight to doing. And then we had dinner and gifts. But somehow, someway Sara had enough time to slip onto the computer and read my blog (which I have just found out recently, is one of the VERY few things she does on the computer!). She already knew what Christin was sewing, so she knew what she was getting.

Now, that sneak didn't tell us she was getting on the computer and then went and told Chris and me that she had read my blog. At least she waited until after she opened it to tell us.

Thankfully Christin took it with a laugh. Because she knew that I had typed that and was helping to try and keep Sara off the computer as well. I am still trying to figure out when and how she got on without us know and what possessed me to let a slip like that out so that she knew what she was getting!! Still, can't fathom it! :-S Oh, well.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta hand it to her. Sara can be pretty sneaky at times.