Thursday, August 13, 2009


It just rained for a full hour and not just a little bit here and there, but a full fledged, out and out, soaking pour for over thirty minutes!! :D

I think the last time it rained this much at one time was back in early June! It sure was nice to see the puddles get larger, the rain keep coming, and to run through it and get soaked. :D

Oh, wait I guess at 21 I shouldn't be running through puddles. :-S Forget you read that.--That is until the next time I say that, as there are just somethings that I just can't seem to give up even as I get older. :D Ask my family, puddles are one of them. lol

Well, I need to go bottle chocolate. The gallons of some of the darkest, richest, best tasting chocolate milk you will taste is almost ready to bottled and I got distracted by rain. You would think I could grow up some day. :)

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