Thursday, August 6, 2009

When You Were Sweet Sixteen

Well we are here celebrating Christin and Sara's birthdays.

Where Judah helped Emma bring in the cakes (or pies as the case may be) and true to our family Judah blew out Sara's candles while the fan put Christin's out in the middle of singing Happy birthday, went sent us all in a mad dash to relight them before the song ended.

At the end of singing Grace turned up my MP3 player, she wanted to listen to some country music. When mom reminded us of a song I hate, but we always do for a 16th birthday..."When You Were Sweet Sixteen", the version we listen to is done by the Irish Tenors.

This is a song the girls played on my 16th birthday and at least once a month of the entire year that I was 16. Honestly I do not like this song, never have and somehow I get the feeling I never will. And please don't ask me why because I couldn't give you an answer, maybe because it's a wee bit on the mushy side?

But every one of my sisters loves this song; they can't wait until they are 16 so they can hear all the time just for them.

Now, to why I am blogging instead of sitting in the living room with my family? Well, I deleted this song from my MP3 just last week, and now I have to download it back to my MP3 player. But, it is taking longer than it should, because my MP3 player is giving me fits and the computer won't recognize that it is hooked up. Sometimes I HATE technology!!!

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