Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Did It!!!

What I did was really nothing much and every other Texan I have talked to, think I am crazy. But it was one of those crazy fears you just can never get rid of and are always thinking about or tying to avoid it some how, some way, for some reason or another.

So, what did I do that I have been saying for nigh onto three years that I would never do, but ended up doing this past Saturday? I drove down 290 between Hempstead and Brenham.

Every person I know who has heard of my fear of driving this 20 mile stretch of 290, has kind of given me the look of "What are you crazy?" and some have given me that question verbally as well. While others have kind of shaken their head and said "You and your driving phobia".

In truth it was a stupid fear (as most of mine are). I didn't want to drive that stretch because of all the accidents I had seen but not been in, they were all on this stretch of road. A year a part, but both were enough to make me feel certain that I would rather not go to Austin (which I love to visit) then to drive that stretch of road. (I was quite traumatized)

But, I have had to remind myself--no matter the reason--that no matter where I am if that is the time that God has planned for me to die I will, no matter where I am and I need to stop worrying about that stretch of road.

So how did it come about that I was driving this stretch of road? We were down to one car. We have been borrowing a truck each Saturday to drive to the market in Houston, and the station wagon has been going to Austin. And this week dad was flying out of Austin around 4 o'clock and they needed someone to drive the station wagon home as dad was driving home from Colorado.

Since we were borrowing the neighbor's truck, they didn't want me to drive it and they were not going to drive it to Austin, so that left us with only one option. An option that I was NOT looking forward to at all!! Dad drive him and myself up to Austin, I drop dad off at the airport and then drive back by myself.

I had to make the 2 to 2 & 1/2 hour drive home myself. Part of which was that 20 mile stretch that I had been trying to avoid until last week. (I didn't drive it last week, because I was afraid that I was falling asleep).

I made the drive, I didn't die (as you can tell), I didn't get lost (Which I rarely do) , I didn't fall asleep, it all went very well. :D Dad however, beat me. He got to his destination before I got to mine. Dad landed in Denver 45 minutes before I pulled into our driveway (I'm blaming it on the stop at the Wal-mart in Bastrop, which took me about an hour).

And yet again, I was proven that my fear was stupid. :D


Dee said...

Congratulations! I have (I suppose unfounded) fears of many aspects of transportation myself, so I empathize! God is ALWAYS faithful, and until that appointed moment when He calls you to heaven, He will see you through.

Sarah Chip said...

Whoo hoo!!! Glad you finally were able to conquer one of your fears. I'm proud of you!