Friday, September 4, 2009

It Rained!! No, Rather It Poured! :)

We got rain last night; boy did we get rain last night!! We had some in the early afternoon, just enough to make everything take cover and for us Carlson children to play in it. :D

Last night around seven, a friend from church, dad, mom, and myself were sitting on the deck watching the storm come in. Right when we decided to go into the house, because the lightening was getting a wee bit close and the wind was really going we saw the sheet of rain, some of us made it inside in time while a few who stopped to make sure a couple things were covered did not.

In the end it got so bad we had to move some animals out of their flooded pen, lightening struck way to close for comfort (as in I thought it was in the horse pen), one time when running towards the dairy the rain was coming down so hard that I couldn't see the dairy from the house.

We ended up with a tree on our garage (now have a hole in our garage roof and we all know what my family will be doing this holiday weekend), Someone got stranded on the street in front of our house, and their trailer ended up partly in the woods.

And all of this while we had company sitting in the living room, he was great about it, held a rabbit while we moved its flooded pen, and calmly waited for dinner.

But, we are not complaining!! We count ourselves blessed that the tree didn't fall on the house or the dairy, that none of the animals were hit by the lightening, that it was not a hurricane or tornado (both of which have hit our place in some way), we didn't lose power once, and that we are all safe and sound--Playing in the puddles. :D

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