Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mistake Of The Week

As I am "Practically perfect in every way" I only make one mistake a week. :D

Oh, O.K. So that's not entirely true, in fact that's about as far from the truth as saying the South won the war! Not only am I human and make many mistakes a weekly. I am also me and that just says it all right there. lol

Well, this past Sunday on the way into Sunday School I had to stop at HEB to grab a few things for lunch, some coffee (beans for home), something for breakfast, and coffee (a hot cup for while I was driving). So, I am going quickly about my tasks as 1) I don't want to be late for Sunday school and 2) Christin is waiting for me in the car.

First on the list was coffee beans. I go down the coffee isle and much to my great pleasure I find that my favorite coffee brand is on sale. So I grab my favorite blend (roasted beans with pecans and coconut--Houston blend) and run on to grab the other things I need.

It's not until later that night--around 8 o'clock--when someone asks "Who bought the decaffeinated coffee?!?!" when I find out that in my haste I grabbed decaffeinated coffee!

Now, I am getting teased like you wouldn't believe! Someone called me brainless, while someone else said I should be shot at dawn, and another family member suggested that I be tarred and feathered, and then there were the threats of no coffee.

Oh, well. Thankfully our friends brought us two whole bags of coffee beans, which we have been greatly enjoying. :D


Savannah said...

LOL Katie! You guys really like Coffee don't you!

Abigail said...

Well any coffee is horrible anyway! *ducks* *runs*

I don't like coffee :D

Katarina said...

Savannah--Yes we do. At least that is what I gather when we make 2-4 pots a day.

Abigail--I have a couple sisters who agree with you. How y'all live without coffee though, I have no idea. lol

Rose said...

What Abigail :o!!