Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today was a long day, it seemed longer then it really was. I want to say that it started at about 12 am the night before with toddlers being crumpy, but that was last night and really doesn't count as today, does it? :D All righty then, it started at six this morning up with the toddlers and watching them as one of the girls started breakfast. Then as they eat, I cleaned my room. I had rearranged it the day before, so I had the after furniture moving clean up to do.

Then at 10:30 I headed next door to 'help' Grace baby sit the neighbor's toddler and baby. In truth I went over to get my baby fix. :D They have a two month old that I haven't seen in a couple weeks and he's the only baby I've been able to hold in the past two weeks, because there are no other babies that I can hold. So, I head over when ever mom can spare me and my neighbor doesn't mind me. :D

As I walked up our driveway a friend was driving in the other driveway for a day of butchering. To save those with less then strong stomachs I won't go into full detail. All I will say is that Grace has one less buck to feed and there are eight less rosters crowing on our place. It is very quite out right now. :D

Two of the rosters made some of the best chicken and rice soup that I have had and hopefully in the next couple days we will be having the best chili in town!! :D

Now, I am off to clean up, hopefully clean my room a wee bit more and then hit the sack or mattress, or whatever you want to call it. :D

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