Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I am NOT The Mom!"

I love coaching, I have since the first time I did it four years ago. It was Tim's first year playing & dad's first year to coach and I was there right along with them, telling the kids that it's more important to watch the ball then the bugs, I promise!!

There's nothing like passing along the joy of baseball. The only catch was always reminding them to watch the game and not the clouds. It was also tons of fun to walk up to the field and have all the kids run up to me shouting "Look Miss. Katie, see how far I can throw the ball?!?" Or swing the bat, or run, etc. I missed not coaching the following year, but felt a wee bit of my knowledge level.

When I helped dad coach Tim's team I was 17, it was great, I was old enough for the kids to listen but young enough for them to relax around me & have fun.

Now this time around I am helping to coach Noah's team (yes, it is his first year). And again loving it. I still don't know how I got the job, but I am thankful that dad thought we could make the time for me to do so and to sign me up for it.

There is one thing that has changed this go around, that I never even thought about...I'm four years older & to these young children of five I seem a lot older then that. Old enough for them to think Noah is MY child!!

I keep getting "WOW! Look at what your son just did!" or "Your son is using my bat!". It took me a while to realize they were talking to me and not one of the other coaches. "Ummm....I'm not his mother." "Oh, you not? What are you then?" "His older sister." "Oh, ummm...." as they walk off at least a slight bit confused.

I wonder if I will ever get it across to them, or if it is all that important. It gives me a good laugh to see their face when I tell them that and I think it's even funnier to see Noah as he tells them that I am not his mom rather his sister.

At least they still listen to me and I am still able to pass on the joy of baseball to them. Even if I am still telling them to pay more attention to the ball then the bugs and that they really out to keep out of the dirt and tag the runner.

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Sarah Chips said...

haha I know the feeling. I was mistaken for my 7 and 8 year old cousins' mom the other day. :p I can understand why they would think that and it is easy to make that mistake...although it can be a bit embarrassing when they find out you're the sister (or cousin or what ever you are in relation to the kid). I guess it's just one of the hazards of taking care of kids not your own. haha