Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Right now could be the best time to confess that I lied in my last post, it's really four addictions. Right now might also be a good time to talk about them, but I really don't feel doing that.

Rather, I am going to talk about these two lovely, wonderfully fun filled, anxiety provoking, and loving boys. :D

These two boys, who are trying to send mom to her grave early, give dad gray hair he never should have, and test my abilities at assessing injuries.

If you remember back about five weeks ago, I posted about a trip to the ER on Father's Day, where Judah was cut right by his eye during a 'sword fight' with Noah. Well, yesterday Judah decided it was payback time. :D

As we are getting ready for Tuesday's market Noah and Judah are keeping themselves happy by playing football with a brass bowl!! Well, Judah threw it to high and Noah couldn't catch it and ended up getting cut on the top of his head.

I will tell you that with four brothers under the age of ten and living on the farm I have seen my fair share of injuries, and more then my fair share of head wounds, but this one took the cake! Not, very large, in fact once I got it cleaned up it took a few minutes to figure out what we needed to do for it. But it was the bloodiest wound I have had. He kind of looked like he could have come from a battle science in "Gods and Generals".

We got him cleaned up and headed out the door with mom for the ER in Navasota, while I headed in the other direction for our market.

Three hours and two staples later, I head back home with Noah while mom took over at the market (I had a list of things to do at home). By the looks and sounds of it you would never know that he had a nice looking cut and bump on the top of his head. He spent the next two hours (wonderful Houston rush hour traffic!) tell me how to driving and what to do!

I really love my brothers and an extremely happy that God has blessed me with them; I just wish they would cut out the ER trips. Timothy alone outnumbered all of us girl's injury ER trips! And with Noah and Judah we are at triple the trips, I think we might need to do something to keep Seth safe, sound, and intact, because he is showing promises of following after Noah and that is the LAST thing we need! lol

(Oh, and I have nothing against boys!! Really, it's just that the four in our house tend to drive me to distraction and sometimes, that is all I can think to say "BOYS!!!")


Abigail said...

They need hair cuts, Katarina! :D

Katarina said...

Tell me about it. That picture was taken back in February, and have had a cut since then. Though they are in need of one now, and I just haven't found the time yet. :- S