Friday, January 8, 2010


I meant to do this last year but like normal, life took over and I wasn't able to do this post when I had hoped to.  Oh, well at least it's not life and death!  lol Let’s see if I can recap my family's last year in a paragraph or two per month. :D
Our year started with our Uncle, his family, and our Aunt coming out for a late Christmas. Christin and Grace left with our Uncle's family for the trip of a lifetime--Two months in Europe! That left Sara to get more then her fill of baby sitting and myself more than my fill of milking and babysitting. But we managed, and got some pictures and great stories from the girls.

Our goats started kidding the first week of February, not only giving us more milk for me to process, but Sara wonderful chances at learning the ins and outs of kiddings since I was busy watching children and couldn't help her. (Thankfully she had mom to help her most of the time.)

We lost not one, but two cameras, one roster, and a goat. The laundry, kids, and school piled up a mile high! While mom, dad, and I lost more sleep then we were able to find and Linnea turned 13!

Ah, that wonderful month in which Houston is overrun with cows and cowboys and half our family looks forward to showing goats while the other half look forward to showing rabbits at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The girls came back from there run around Europe, Grace turned 17, it rained, and we had more babies born, and I started this blog.

As I look back April was busier then I remember...Seth turned one, Emma turned 11 (and I remember when she turned one!). Our goats started kidding for the second batch of 2009, as well as puppies, bunnies, turkeys, and chickens were being born or hatched. :D

We got a new buckling from Colorado, learned that for any child under the age of 15 a truck load of sand is the bet toy in the world. I sold my soaps and stuff at a conference, bought yet some more books (both for myself and for birthday presents) we started two new markets, we took more than one trip to see the bluebonnets, and the baseball season started.

To start off May I went and got my driver’s license. Something that I am sure many a people thought would never happen. I got more teasing and questioning about not driving then about not dating! What prodded me to finally go and get my license?  Well, the fact that my parents needed another driver for a third market on Saturday! Why else?  I passed with flying colors, the first test for me to pass in MONTHS!  Now I love driving and which car is my favorite to drive?  The standard, of course!

Tim turned nine and then accidently shot the inspecter with his Red Ryder!  We had more kiddings and lost a doe, Grace's horse tore off his eyelid, our goat club had its annual show where we helped put it on, we started another Saturday market, Seth said his first words, and our washer broke TWICE!

We lost the camera, again. We got a new washer (it's amazing how things like a washer affect your life!), Grace's horse cowboy survived the surgery to put his eyelid back on, and Seth started walking.  Some good friends brought us a goat from Idaho, I got my first taste of farm sitting, and we started making and selling cheese at the Austin farmers market.

We threw a surprise birthday party for Mom, Liberty turned 7 and I had the pleasure of turning 21 on a Saturday!

We had our annual 4th of July party where the oldest 7 of us children got to have a dream come true--We got to load and shot a black powder rifle!

We finally got some rain, I flipped a 4-wheeler and lived to tell about it, mom and dad went on a mini wedding anniversary trip and at the same time gave a talk on goats and how to run a dairy, dad went to a cheese making class, we had a movie filmed here, and we had our five year anniversary for living out in the country.

Dad had a birthday, Judah turned two, Christin turned 20, and Sara turned 16 (Yikes!! She's legally old enough to drive now!)

Our van broke, we bought my dream car (a station wagon), I got in a little bit of trouble for posting about some of my sibling's habits, we took in our first baseball game of the year, and we started school.

This was a slow month.  :D  We found out that nine goats were pregnant and all due on the same day, I decided that never again am I going to butcher our chickens, I will more than gladly send them away for that task!  Grace had to make the very tough decision to put her first horse down, we got more rain, and I faced my fears and drove a stretch of road that has worried me for years.

Our grandfather came down for a visit, (No, we do not know how long he will be staying with us. Like many things in life we are taking this one day at a time and as of right now that one day at a time is for him to be down here with us.) For the first time (and hopefully the last time!) I bought decaffeinated coffee and am still getting teased about it.

And lastly for this month, we found out that mom was pregnant with baby number twelve!!  And this coming only days after two different people told me "You do know that the chances are very high that the next baby in your family could be yours, don't you?"  Ummm....Right, O.K. aren't we forgetting something here?

Noah lived to be five, we started two farmers markets (making it a grand total of five a week and four of those being on Saturday), we found a cat that likes me, the postseason started, we got more sand, and I decided that throwing large parties or organizing church events just might not be my sort of thing, the dratted Yankees won the world series, the baseball season ended and I had to pull up 75% of our flooring due to a water leak.

The first week of November mom, Sara, GrandDavid, and I headed out Monday for Iowa and got back Friday afternoon, with 10 goats. We saw some very pretty land, nice goats, and good friends.

We started our last batch of kidding for 2009;  We went to the circus, which for over half the family was a first.  I found out that dad reads my blog, and we had some good friends spend a few days with us dyring the Thanksgiving week.

We finished our last batch of 2009 kiddings, the whole world got an earful on Carlson family traditions, I lost a goat and gained two others in the process, I finished putting the flooring back in, I made a Christmas wish list (and got it), we broke three water pipes in 9 days, and dad had two weeks off from driving a bus.

One of the biggest things that happened last month?  We found out that baby number twelve will make eight girls in our family!!

So there you have it, our year in a wrap.
(Man that took longer then I thought it would!)


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broke three pines?

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Sorry, I'll correct it. Just teaches me not to post at 1 am! lol