Friday, January 22, 2010

Swede Farm Happenings

Well, it's that wonderful day of the week where the oldest children and adults of the Carlson family run around doing their best to have everything ready for market by 6, so that no one has to stay up late. :D

The cars are loaded, the cheese is done, the chocolate milk is ready to go, yogurt is ready and waiting to be sold (its plain this week), and all that needs to be done is the milk and looks like we will all be in bed at a decent time this week. :D

Now besides the dairy....

Both our main washer and dryer are still not working. We have had the repair men out to look at both of them--Washer yesterday and the dryer today. It looks like they are going to have to replace our dryer (what fun! Not!) and the washer will still be out of commission for the next week or two. At least I have the backup washer, even if it is a top loader and can only do half the load my front loader can do. And as long as the weather holds out in the glories fashion I will be good for hanging laundry on the line (Which I LOVE doing!!).

All thou, in the past week I have learned that there is a plus to a dryer in the house or a dryer at the laundry mat--There's no mud on the ground in either building!! I have also learned that when the washer AND dryer are broken at the same time you learn about all the things you have hidden in the back of your closet. :D Seeing as most of what I have found in the back of mine is pink I'm surprised that it is even there, but I am glad that for some weird reason I saved them. lol

Today is simply a beautiful day, I wish the hammock hadn't broken last year or I would be out there reading instead of typing up this post. (Let me tell you, it hurt when it broke!)

Our family is super busy right now, even though it's that time of year that's our "break". I started school with the younger three minus Seth. All three of them have decided that over the "school break" they have become oh so smart, thinking that they all know what they need to know. *rolls eyes* Now if I only taught history of crafts they would be oh, so happy. lol

Mom and dad have been in town a lot with my Grandfather, and Drs. Appointments to make sure baby girl #8 is good and healthy!

I did something I didn't think I would ever really be doing...I offered to make some business calls for mom concerning selling some of our doelings. There are couple things kinds of funny about this...1) I HATE making phone calls, and 2) I'm making calls about selling goats. lol

And lastly, it's that time of year when we are quickly approaching "that wonderful month in which Houston is overrun with cows and cowboys and half our family looks forward to showing goats while the other half look forward to showing rabbits at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo". Again I am trying to figure out to be there even without showing any of our goats, because yet again we missed the deadline for entering. (I hate the livestock!! Their deadline timing boarders on ridiculous!!)

Well, that's all for today at Swede Farm, everyone out there have a wonderful weekend!! :D

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