Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seth Is Growing Up!!

I remember when Seth was born and well I should I was there!  :D  Being there when a baby is born is something always amazes me.  The very fact that this is a living thing and that if God so wills it will grow up and can do many great things, from being the parent of a large family to the president of the United States of America.  All is in God's hands, from the baby being born, to what will happen to the child as it is grows, and then what it will be as an adult in this world of ours and finally when the person leaves this world, it's all in God's hand. It never ceases to amaze me!

Among those things that amaze me are the changes that the child goes through it it’s first two years of like.  It goes from an infant who cannot even support its own head, who can only cry when it is hungry or needs its diaper changed, to within weeks smiling, cooing, and recognizing people (even to the point of knowing who feeds him).  And those smiles and coos they give out when they see a person that they like are priceless and something that I wish I could bottle up and have forever.  (Thanks to cameras and video recorders I do have that an extent.  :D  ) 

By the time the infant has reached six months he can scoot, maybe even crawl, and is even learning to throw a fit!  Don't even try and tell me that infants are perfect!  At so young as a few months you can tell that they are sinners in their attitudes.  Even with the fit throwing that is starting you are also seeing many other things, such as the smiles when he sees something he likes or the look in their eye when they spot something they want and the 'struggle' they put up just to get to that one object.  It's a miracle that I am always amazed and blessed to see (at this point in my house 8 times already!)

Now Seth is growing up, he's come to and passed the baby coos and smiles, he's all ready hit the scoot stage.  In fact he had it a lot longer than any of my other siblings, he was scooting for so long that we thought he would never crawl, (much to my mom's concern), he even got the nickname "Scooter" since that's all he did for a few months to get to anything he wanted. He's got the eating solid foods down; in fact he's also got the hot chocolate and coffee drinking from a mug down as well.  He's got the walking down pat, he's now running with the best of them (Noah and Judah) and is climbing on EVERYTHING!!   

But the thing that gets me these days?  Is not his ability to climb, nor his running ways.  No it's not the fact that he prefers coffee to water most mornings, or that he knows where his milk comes from and has on more than one occasion been seen caring his cup to the diary.  The thing is amazing me about Seth is his talking!  When he wants water he says so, when he wants coffee he lets you know.  If he wants outside, on the computer, to watch TV, or even take a nap he will let you know and I here I am still think of him a as a little baby who cries when his diaper needs changing, for me it seems like he was born last month and 21 months ago!

Oh, how I love watching them grow up!!  But I sure miss those baby days! :D


Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!
Is that a cellphone in the last photo?

Bethany said...

Awww! He is so adorable! BTW, I love your blog! :)

A sister in Christ,

Katarina said...

Yes, that is a cell phone. We were at the circus waiting to get in and that was the only thing that was keeping him happy. :D

Katarina said...

Thank you Bethany :D