Friday, January 15, 2010

Do You Like Country Life?

When people find out that I was 16 when we moved to the country I get a bunch more questions, and here they are with the answers. :D

How do I like living in the country? I love it! How do I like living in the country vs. living in the city? Country life is much more quite, a lot more work, and better family living!

Is there anything I don't like about living in the country that I liked about living in the city? Yes there are three things (and yes my parents do know about these three things)...We do less things at church, we only make it to one service, sometimes Sunday School, and parts of the missions and bible conferences, never Wednesday night prayer, or VBS.

The second thing is lack of baseball games. My dad told me when we moved out here that he didn't think the change in address would make a difference in the amount of games that we went to. Well, it has. I've gotten over the fact that I don't to near as many games, but I still go through my "I want to go to a game" push. Come on, when you used to going to 20-30 games a year and that drops to less than half a dozen games it takes some getting used to!

And the third thing? We don't have a fireplace in this house. Forget that my bedroom went from huge to tiny and tons of books sharing the space, forget the fact that my closet went from walk in to barely large enough for me to stand in, forget the fact that we went to enough rooms for no more than three people per room, forget all that! We don't have a fireplace!! Sure we can burn a fire outside but that's not the same as a fire place in the house. During the thanksgiving week with our friends we were doing a lot of "I remember you doing ___" for me the one thing that surprised me was when one of the kids from the other family said "I remember you always did you school sitting on the fire place.".

As I looked back I realized he was right when ever we had a get together or when I had to be in the living room (of either our house or theirs) I was always sitting on the fireplace or right in front of it, I loved curling up right in front of the fire place with a good book, hot chocolate, school, or sitting there with good friends. It was the hardest thing for me about moving out of that house, (not necessarily about moving out to the county) losing the fireplace.

So there you have it the three things that I didn't like about moving out into the country. In all honesty those were my three problems with moving out and my parents knew it before we moved out and I knew that my life would change with the move, what I wasn't expecting was how big the change besides less church things, less games, and no fire place would be. But I wouldn't change the past five years for all the games or fireplaces in the world!!

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