Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have I ever mentioned what it does to our family when the washer or dryer go out? Have I ever mentioned that my family almost always has at least one back-up if not two of each appliance?

Yes, we always have at least one back-up washer and a back-up dryer--The clothes line.  And when the washer or dryer go out, the back up is amazing.  It never ceases to amaze me how the laundry can pile up with in 24-48 hours of either appliances being broken!

Well it's the laundry comedy going on here! Last Saturday the front loader decided it was time for it not to work. Great the last thing we needed right then, but hey we have a back up washer so no biggie right? Well, the back-up washer is a top loader in which it uses at least double the water that our front loader uses and it drains a lot faster than our front loader, meaning there is not enough time for all the water to drain and we had the outlet pip overflowing. So what did we do? Well, I spent my days sitting on the washer waiting for it to drain and when it gets to the drain I stop it every few minutes to give it time for all the water to drain out. It works great, except I do nothing all day but sit on the washer, rotating laundry, folding laundry, and reading my bible. :D

Now for the dryer, Monday the dryer decided not only to not dry my clothes within three hours, but to eat the laundry as well. No I am not joking. Somehow, some way 95% of the laundry that goes into the dryer is coming out with holes in it. It took us an entire day to figure it out, there is a little catch at the top that the laundry was getting caught on and every time it came lose it would ripe a hole in it. Great, now I have clothes that resemble Swiss cheese!

To solve both problems of the dryer not drying and it eating our laundry we decided to go with the back up--The clothesline. In the weather that we were having it was great the clothes we drying faster than then those in the dryer and they were still intact, until today--It's raining!!

I guess it's time to go to back up number two or three. #2 No laundry for the day or option #3 hang it in the bathroom. Hmmm.....I think I will just pray it stops raining! lol

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