Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Promise

That if I get one more comment, joke, tease, hint, raised eyebrow, nod of a head, pointed look, or any other indications from anyone on who I should marry, when I should marry, where I should marry, or any other thing on marriage. I just might scream.

O.K. so I won't scream. Though I might do something equally as astonishing for me. And that would be....I would do...I would say...Oh, forget it. So there's really nothing I can do or say to stop people from giving hints or advice, except for the answer I already give--"I am waiting for God's timing".

Is it that rare for someone to want to wait for God's timing and not to date? Apparently so, since no one can understand "I'm waiting for God's timing.".

Is it honestly that rare of a thing for a female to be 21 and never have dated? It must be since people's surprise at finding out that I am 21 and I don't have a guy yet or that I've never dated comes close to equaling those people that are surprised that I am at least 4 years older than they thought I was.

I guess the hardest part about getting all the hints is how to deal with them. Most people don't understand the "I'm waiting for God's timing." answer and to give the more in depth answer of--"I am waiting on God's timing as I know that he can and will bring the man that he wants me to marry into my life at the time when both that man and I are ready for marriage. Honestly for all I know God might not have marriage planned for me or he might have it planned for me at a far later date. Not to mention I am already doing all that God would have me do right now, with the dairy, my soap business, doing my best (and not always succeeding) at being the best sister my siblings can have and respecting and obeying my parents." would cause more crossed eyes then we have Dr.s for.

So, I guess at this point getting all the comments, jokes, teasing, hints, raised eyebrows, nods of a heads, pointed looks, or any other indications from anyone on who I should marry, when I should marry, where I should marry, or any other thing on marriage. Is all God's plan for teaching me patience and how to be a good witness for him.

Not like I do very good, since more often than not when people ask me if I am ever going to get married or tell me who I should "Grab up real quick before he gets away" I kind of look at that person with my mouth hanging open trying my best and failing at coming up with an answer that doesn't make me look like I'm pining away for marriage but am honoring God. Never really works, even with those pre-thought answers.

So, what is wrong with waiting until God brings along the man that he has chosen for me at the time that he has chosen for me without having everyone trying to pair me up? What is wrong with waiting and not dating?

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Rachel and Sarah said...

Keep up the good work! God will bless your efforts to honor Him!