Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Did You Know?

Did you know that I do not like milk? Yes, you read that correctly! lol The oldest daughter of dairy goat farmers Tim and LeeAnne and the person who does 90% of the pasteurizing for Swede Farm Dairy does not like milk.

And it's nothing new. It's been a battle since I was three years old to get me to drink my milk, mom would set my cup of milk down with my lunch and I would sit there for more time than it would have taken me to drink the milk plotting of ways to get rid of that awful cup with the white drink in it.

I remember sitting there thinking that there HAD to be a way to get rid of the stuff without wasting it or drinking it! And then came that wonderful day when mom said I didn't have to drink the milk anymore. By then she figured that if a girl could eat a pound of cheese in a day if given the choice (it was my favorite lunch for years--Cheese and mustard.) that I must be getting enough calcium without having to do a battle of the daily cup of milk.

Then we moved out to the country and got our goats. And people started asking how I liked drinking goat's milk instead of cow's milk. When I answered with "I don't like it." I got the all too common "Of course not! It's goat's milk and I hear it's gamey." Well, no not really it's just milk. lol

The real joke came when we opened the dairy and started selling milk at farmers markets. Me being there was almost a marketing disaster. Until I started telling the truth, but not really answering peoples questions (it's that part of me that makes some of my sisters think I would do O.K. in the political world).

You see one of the top ten most Frequently Asked Questions about the dairy (to me at least) is "Do you like it?" And what is my answer, oh me who doesn't like milk of any form unless it's got a good amount of chocolate or coffee in it? My answer is the truth of course!! "It's the only milk I will drink.".

And that's the truth, I promise! I would rather by my milk from mom and dad then drink that white stuff from the store that taste like 2%! But I would much rather get my calcium from eating cheese and drinking chocolate milk then drinking the milk straight up. lol

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