Friday, January 29, 2010


I've been hanging laundry on the line for well over 7 years.  It might be close to ten years now, I can't really remember, but I do know that only in the past year or so have my problems with clothespins started.  Some how, some way they disappear on me

I don't know what it is, maybe it's some birds think they are a tasty looking item or maybe the squarels think that the clothespins will hold them over if they run out of acorns during the winter.  In all honesty I think that it might have something to do with Noah and his "drive by laundry snatching", which he does occasionally and has taught to his two younger brothers (who don't do it as often, but have been known to do it).  lol 

And what might this "drive by laundry snatching" be and how does it contribute to my losing clothespins? 

Well, Noah rides under one of my clothes lines on his bike, tractor, legs, or what ever other means of transportation he uses and right when he gets under the laundry he reaches up, grabs the laundry pulls and rides on, sending clothes one way, clothespins another and the line "singing like a bowstring as soon as the arrow leaves the bow".

What does he do with the clothes that he has pulled off the line?  If I am standing there he throws it at me, if there's a basket within the region of his running he drops it in there and if neither are aviable he drops it on the ground. 

Why does he do it?  Just for the fun of it, to see if he can grab the laundry, get it off the line, and not break stride.

Oh, to not have to worry about dirty laundry (as he would wear it dirty with no problems if he had to).  Oh, to not have to worry about work (as his jobs are completed within minutes of finishing a meal).  Oh, to be young again.  lol

At least I know I have a good chance of find the clothespins on the ground around the line, but it does call for extra work and I can't always guarantee that I will find them all.  Atleast I get a good laugh every time I see Noah's "drive by laundry snatching".

I have warned him though that the next time he does it he's hanging the laundry by himself and you now what?  It's worked so far, he's not taken any laundry off the line the last couple days and my pins have not gone missing.  If only the rain would stop and I could hang the laundry again.  lol

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