Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Sometimes Wonder About My Siblings

I think I've used that title already.  :D

Last night while making yogurt, Liberty was out there wiping walls for me.  :D  Spending time with my siblings is almost always enjoyable.  (That would all depend on their mood.  :D  Trust me you don't ever want to spend time alone with Liberty when she's in a bad mood!!)  So as she's scrubbing the wall she's bouncing from one subject to another.  "Katie, how does the wall get dirty?" before I can answer "Katie, why does the yogurt take so long?" before she's even given me time to answer she's off on another question.  :D

The question that really threw me off and had me searching for an answer (and never coming up with one) was toward the end of our working time in the dairy..."Katie, why don't you have a boyfriend?"

Me: "Uhhh...Wellll....Uh.....Why do I need a boyfriend?"
Libby: "Because...."
Me: "Libby, because is the start of an answer, where's the rest of the answer?"
Libby: "You want to get married right?  Well, you need a boyfriend before you can get married.  So, why don't you have a boyfriend yet?"
Me: "Well, first off you don't NEED a boyfriend to get married, you just need God to send someone to you and your parents, no boyfriend.  Anyways who said I need a boyfriend?"
Libby:  "God!"

Uhhhh.....I think I'll let mom talk to her about boyfriends and here I thought the only people who would be grilling me about a boyfriends would be friends and not my seven year old sister.