Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Job...

At market we always get questions about our family and our farm. The questions that we get about our family are the same that we get no matter where we go or what we are doing. :D The farm questions range from "How many animals are on your farm?" to "Are you organic?" or "Do you live on the farm and milk the goats?”

Everyone gets those questions at every market. Then each person gets a few questions that are just for them. Mine seems to be "Do you help in the dairy?" and "Do you get you get paid?” I have already talked about the getting paid question. So today I am going to address if I help or not...

Last night I woke up and asked Seth (yes, the 18 month old) if he wanted his milk raw or pasteurized? Grace (who was just climbing into bed after watching a movie with the rest f the older girls) looked at me with a shocked look on her face and said "Did you really just now wake up and ask Seth if he wanted his milk Raw or pasteurized?"

Yup, I did. As I was planning the processing schedule for the rest of the week right before I went to fell asleep with the toddlers.

Yes, help a great deal in the dairy (not trying to brag here!). Other then mom I am really the only one who does the processing, Grace helps with the pasteurizing when I need her to (like yesterday when mom and dad were in Houston and I had to get feed in Bryan) or hanging the cheese when mom or I can't get to it and Sara will help bottle, while the rest of the family (all the way down to Noah) will help label.

But, most of the time it's me who does the planning on what we are going to do with that weeks milk and then does the pasteurizing. I spend more hours planning, processing, labeling, etc. then I do reading and that's saying something since I am always have a book I am reading.

So, there you have it. Yes I do help in the dairy, so much so that I have had dreams about working in the dairy, milk, cheese, and yogurt. It's almost kind of pitiful!

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