Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm back!

After having three great days at the show, I am home again! The time there was great, meeting new people, seeing old friends, eating the great food, walking around the animals and shops as I have done since I was a wee tot, seeing great animals, earning money, and having tons of fun.

I will say it is great to be back home! We drove up and I was swarmed by four siblings, while two asked what I got them. We all eat dinner together (at least the ones who are here at home). Then we went out milked, pasteurized, bottled, and crashed. Now we are at it again, making chocolate milk and generally getting ready to go to market tomorrow, with more product then we have ever brought there. (wooohooo!!)

I will post some pictures latter, once I have a few minutes and get them from our friends the Segers. (digital camera had to be left at home).

Off to finish the chocolate milk. :D

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