Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Tuesday! :D

Meaning, it's another market day. There two markets a week that we go to. One Tuesday night's and the other Saturday morning.

This morning I had to pasteurize, but I could only do that after the girls had finished milking (I needed this morning's milk since someone had order it). As I was pasteurizing the milk, I was making sure that all the milk, kefir, yogurt, and chocolate milk had been labeled. I knew that the 20 gallons I pasteurized yesterday wasn't labeled, but other then that I wasn't to sure what had and hadn't been labeled since dad is making kefir and I am the labeling person, I doubted dad had labeled the kefir. And I was correct. :D But, I also had a pretty good idea that all the yogurt and chocolate milk was labeled, again I was correct.

I headed into the house to print up some Kefir labels (ran out with two bottles left to label. grrr) I noticed that Judah and Noah were kind of dirty. Ahh, the pleasures of living in the country--There always seems to be a bit of mud to play in or a tractor/lawn mower to wash! (Noah, has taken it upon himself to wash dad's lawn mower ever morning. lol).

I now sit here trying to find a simple picture of an armadillo for dad's kefir label and if I can't find that it's time to look for a simple horseshoe. :D While searching for these pictures and typing this, I am listening to some of my favorite music (I work a LOT better with music on). Today it happens to be The Irish Tenors (right now it is "Song For Ireland").

Now, I am off to bottle and label the milk I pasteurized today. :D

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