Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Sore!!

"Don't count you chicks before they hatch."

Ever heard that before? I have, many times! But in this case it was--don't count your tools before you use them! I am working on my raised beds (before anyone says anything, yes I do know I am very late with my garden this year!). First I need to pound some spikes in the ground, then cut the 4x4s, then the wood planks, screw the side rails into the 4x4s, fill the beds with dirt and then put plants in the ground and I am good to go. Sound like the normal way to do things right?

Well, it wasn't that way and hasn't been that way for me, this year. First I can't find the sledge hammer, I am guessing since it weighs more then the toddlers (or so it seems) that they didn't run off with it. Rather I am guessing we either loaned it to someone, never owned one or I didn't look hard enough for it. Knowing that we have owned one, since I have used it for this very same job, I am guessing that we loaned it to someone or I didn't look very hard. My honest opinion on this matter? I didn't look very hard and I was being lazy (or going the hard route). So I pounded the 4x4 spikes using a 2x4, which I have to tell you the first two days was lots of fun and not to hard. The third day? Well, let's just say I think I might take a little more time and look harder the next time I need the sledge hammer for this job. lol

After that I need the sawzall to cut the 4x4s in half. I go and the battery in it is dead. So I put the back up in, and it is almost dead. I use what's left of the battery juice and cut a 4x4 about 1/2 way through, before it died. I then started cutting it with a hack saw. Which I got done pretty quick. I then moved on to cutting more (I need six cut). When dad saw me cutting it he told me it couldn't be done. I'm glad he told me after I had done a couple. lol

Then instead of screwing the planks to the 2x4s I had to use a hammer, since the same battery goes to both the sawzall and the drill. Which I have no problem doing, but by now I am beyond tired.

Now, I have half a bed built. I need two, not going to get done today! :-S Oh, well at least it's getting done. lol

I am now off to do some evening chores. We are trying to get them done early tonight so that we can have a movie night (with snacks!) While we fold some laundry. :D What fun!!

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