Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Thankful for....

My dad has repeatedly told my mom and my self while we are working on our blogs, "At least one or two post a day to keep people coming back.". He even has a little board right behind the computer monitor with ideas on what to post on mom's blog, though he has yet to do that for me. lol

As you have noticed, I have not posted anything since Friday, meaning I am about 5 posts behind right now. Since I hate mindless posting, I will not be doing that, I only want to post things that make sense and that have something to do with the farm or our family, that mean something to me, or are of importance to me and/or my family.

A lot has gone on in the past week, my dad left Monday night with a friend and did not get back until late Friday night. I left early Tuesday morning and did not get back until late Thursday night. Leaving mom at home with 8 children, six of which where under the age of ten. I pasteurized twice since I got home and before we left for market early Saturday morning. The all but two girls went to market Saturday morning, were we all but sold out, bring the most milk we have ever brought to any market!

At the Livestock show I got the normal questions. "So, what are you doing with your life right now?", "What are you doing for collage?", "Why don't you want to go to collage? It's the best time of you life and you will need it later on in life!", "Are you dating?", "Are you staying at home still?". I got these questions from people who have known me for almost five years now, but who I only see three or four times a year at goat shows. Truth be told, I get these questions all the time, from church members, family, friends, and sometimes people who I have just met in the waiting room of a dentist office!

It's times like this when I am thankful for my family! And for what they allow me to do, not do or backing me up when I need it. Those times when I think something might be nice (such as go out in jeans instead of a skirt, or wear a pair of shoes that might have more then a 1/2 inch heel,) they let me hear about it. My parents walk me through things to help me make the right choices and my siblings tell me what they think is right and what isn't. (Most of that is taken with a grain of salt). Through it all I know that they love and care for me and want what is best for me. :D

I am thankful for my parents who allow me to stay home with them and help them with the dairy and my younger siblings. Even if we do sometimes have a hard time, because we are all headstrong. Not, only do they allow me to stay home, but in our very small house they allow me to have my own room, go to the library, or out with friends when they know I need a break or want to get out. Give me the time to take a few days 'off' to go to the Livestock show or help our friends, visit family in D.C. or work 10 hours a day 5 days a week, if I wanted to. They are a blessing to me and without them there is no way I would be who I am right now.

I am also thankful that they homeschooled me. If they hadn't my love for learning, reading, and teaching would not be what it is. I have a hard time doing many different academical things, they saw that and helped me through it in what ever way they could. I would not be wanting to teach Sunday school or my younger siblings if I had not been homeschooled, I would have never progressed in loving all the things about my country, my world, history, or science that I have learned and would have had the hardest of times learning, even the basic 1+1=2 and simple English, if I had been to a private or public school, due to not being able to read, having horrible hand writing, and difficulties with your basic English, spelling, and writing until I was much older then normal. But now, I enjoy learning!

I know that their homeschooling me and my siblings was never easy. Mom had to stay home with us and not get out as much as she might have wanted to. Dad had to set money aside to buy the books we needed, but I never once felt like it was a burden. Something which I wish I could say about how I treated taking time from my schooling to help my siblings, but I am ashamed to say that I can't. My parents were always there and ready to help with problems, even if it wasn't a good time for them (Such as 10 o'clock at night when I should have been in bed for at least an hour!) and are still always there if I need help with a ''school'' related problem.

I am thankful for my sisters, who love me and are glad that I am still living at home. If I doubted that, the times where I am gone for more then a day and they come storming out to see me when I return, proves that they do love me and do want me to stay at home. And yes we do have our fights and we do not always get along, but once we have made up we are the best of friends. I count my sisters as my best friends (after my parents).

I wouldn't trade my little 12x12 foot bedroom where I have all my things on bookshelves or in my closet, with the chance of a toddler running off with it or have waking up to see one of my sisters wearing one of MY shirts for my own apartment or house with all my stuff safely on it's proper shelf or in it's proper closet and no chance of a sibling of any age taking off with it.

I am thankful that I have little brothers! 9 years ago, I thought I never would have one. There are times when having one gets a little bothersome, considering they think that all the baseball stuff in the house is there's and 75% of was in the house before they were born! Or when they want a 'sword' fixed or when I am off showing the woods to some visitors and I get brought back to the house at 'gun point' under the sheriff's and his deputies careful watch (Namely Timothy and Noah). But, those are the times when I have to watch myself, I need to remember that they are great blessings and that my playing along with my siblings might be what our visitors need or want to see. Yes, it's hard but I think it would be hard at this point to live without them.

All of this I realized as I spent 8+ hours trimming goats for a friend to show in the Livestock show. When you stay in one place for over eight hours doing nothing but the same thing over and over, again music can kind of boring, and you start thinking about anything and everything. :D And in that time this is the main thing I was thinking about. Don't ask me why, because I really wouldn't be able to give you a good reason, if I was able to give you one at all, but that is how I felt and the only thing I could think to post of right now. :D So, there is at least one post for the day, now off to clean my room. :D

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