Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Dairy Promotion?

I think I got a dairy promotion this past week. lol Before now I just pasteurized, bottled and labeled. I did the "white milk" and chocolate milk. (The only reason I did the chocolate milk is because I was the one pasteurizing the first time we did it after that it was my thing to do).

So this past week I was walked through making the Vanilla Bean Yogurt. Before now making yogurt was something that only mom and dad did together. No one else had been shown and I honestly didn't expect anyone to be shown for a while. But dad asked me if I would make it, gave me instructions and left. :D Mom and I worked on it together, since mom had helped dad with it before and knew what somewhat what we were suppossed to do, so I wasn't left completely alone the first time.

I did the milk part while mom did the vanilla bean part. (She doesn't know how to run the pasteurizer yet. :D ) After I worked on that all day Thursday (it takes 6-8 hours for the culture to make milk into yogurt). I then made a plain batch of yogurt Friday morning. So two batches in less then 24 hours. Wow!!

Then Thursday night dad asked me if I wanted to do his Kefir while I was wating for the yogurt to finish. Having given me step-by-step direction he left me to do it (he had some business that HAD to be dealt with in the house.) I did that very carefully, knowing that kefir is "alive" and could be "killed", I was very careful with every step I went trough and came back to dad to double check that I was doing it all the correct way, I hadn't forgotten anything and I would not kill it! I got it done without killing it and had over a gallon to sell at market on Saturday.

In the end, we sold over half of both yogurts and some of the kefir we brought (we only brought SIX gallons worth!!) And I felt proud that I had made them and people liked it enough to buy them! :D


Sarah Chip said...

So cool! Glad you were able to make it successfully! Doesn't it feel great to know that people want to buy something that you've actually made?

Katarina said...

It's a great feeling! Having made candles and the such for over a year now I have enjoyed it when people buy them. It was neat and a different feeling when someone bought something to eat that I had made. :D