Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only From A Toddler!

I had a conversation with this little mister a couple days ago.

Me: "What are you doing?" (As I walk to the computer that Noah is messing with.)

Noah: "I'm messing with the computer."

Me: "You messed it up! Why did you do that?!?"

Noah: "Because I wanted to. It's my job!" As he runs off with a huge grin.

We knew we were in for trouble when we saw those blues eyes like mom and blonde hair like dad's, but we were not prepared for the tornado that he has turned out to be!! Some days he causing me to go into fits of laughter, while other days he cause me to go crazy!! But, through it all I love him and would NEVER wish that I didn't have him!! :- D


Dee said...

Is Noah still classified as a toddler? Cute pic of him!

Katarina said...

Now, that you mention that I don't really know. With the size of a mess he makes, how well he talks, and tease, I guess I should classify him as a big boy.