Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, boy!

These up coming four days promise to be fun! :D Between now and Saturday our days are PACKED!!

Today, tomorrow, and Friday we have to make two batches of yogurt, one batch of chocolate milk, possibly a new drink, and pasteurize plain old white milk at least once if not twice!

As well as go to yet another new market tonight in Collage station, called Brazos Valley Farmers market.

Friday and Saturday I have a conference. I am going to be a vendor with Swede Farm Naturals product. :D I need to make a few things for this and pack everything so I won't be worry about this late tomorrow night or way to early Friday morning. :D

Saturday we have two markets, Bayou city and Grogan's Mill.

Not to mention we still have a farm, animals, and children to take care of! lol That just never ends. :D

Oh! And did I mention that today is Emma's 11th birthday! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!! (I will do another post just for her latter, after I have made a few candles for the conference. :D )

So, please pray that we don't go crazy, get sick, or overwhelmed and that we all have fun during Emma's birthday, markets, conference and anything else that we have to do the rest of this week. Thank you!!

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