Friday, April 10, 2009

To Much Product?

"Is this ever really a problem?"
"Does it really every happen?"

When I started Swede Farm Naturals last year those were two questions I had and no one could really answer for me. We also had the same question when we started the dairy, about our milk and other milk products and again, no one could ever really give me/us an answer. :D

Well, now we are sitting here with three fridges, all full to the max with our product and we are still wondering if you can ever have to much product.

We had our normal market Tuesday night at Rice University, were we sold the normal amount of milk products. We have two markets tomorrow, Bayou City which we have been going to for months now and a Grogan's mill in the Woodland's. Along with this our goats are starting to make more milk and in less then two weeks we will be starting our second round of kiddings for the year, adding to our 22 milkers another 15! It's a good thing we are in two errr....I mean three markets now!

Monday we were wondering what we were going to do with all this product. Knowing that we had more then we had ever brought to Rice and that there was no way we could sell this plus what the goats were going to make between then and Saturday. In His wonderful way God has shown us what we are going to do with it--Sell it at another market, plus we had a few costumers who came out to the farm for their milk. :D

I now sit here going through the product numbers hashing out what goes where. And thanking the Lord that we can do this. A family job where we are all working together to make it work and dad can now stay home with us. :D Yes, we are busier now, then we ever were in Houston, but we are also happier now, then we ever were in Houston. Doing something that we can all do together for many years to come.

And the answer to "Is there such a thing as to much product?" is NO!!


Sarah Chip said...

I'm glad it's all working out for you!! God IS good!!

Katarina said...

'Tis ture, 'tis true!! :D

Dee said...

Why is their name "South Fork" when they're not located anywhere close to South Fork?

Katarina said...

I really don't know. There is probably a story behind it just like why we are Swede Farm. :D