Thursday, April 2, 2009

Operation Turkey Round-up

Yesterday while mom and dad were out buying some animal feed, I was busy baby sitting and gardening. At one point I went outside to check on the older kids (the youngers were being laid down for their nap by Sara) and I see Grace and Linnea out by the street!!

So, I go down to talk with them and see what good reason they have for being down there instead of in the house cleaning up from lunch or doing school.

By, the time I get down there they both have buckets and are walking ACROSS the street! So, of course I have to really check this out. When I get half way down the drive way I call out to them asking them what they are doing and am told, "We've got turkey babies!!!". Of course I then have to go and see what I can do to help. After all I do want Thanksgiving dinner this year! (No better turkey then your own homegrown turkey!)

So being the great big sister that I am, I grab a bucket in each hand and send both of them into our neighbors bushes to round up the 19 turkey poults. lol After about 20 minutes of grabbing poults, backing out so that they will come out for the food, grab them, chase them as they run back into the bushes and trying not to anger turkey mom to much, we get them all rounded up and in there new home, safe from the dogs, hawks, and children.

It was lots of fun!! And nothing you would have found me doing while I lived in Houston! lol

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